Volcanoes and Earthquakes


Volcanoes and Earthquakes

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Get ready for a new take on New Zealand society, history and geography in one of the first two books in The NZ Series, a snappily designed and fact-packed collection for intermediate and high-school age readers.
Here in striking and clear terms are the earth movements above and below New Zealand – with investigation into the history of volcanic and earthquake activity, leading to the present-day status for the country.
The informative, easy-to-understand text is accompanied by numerous explanatory diagrams, historical and modern-day photographs and `Fact File’ boxes. Ours is a physically small country but it packs a powerful amount of geological portraiture into its landscape, as does the keen design of Volcanoes and Earthquakes in New Zealand.

Title: Volcanoes and Earthquakes
Author: Ell, Gordon
ISBN: 9780947506605
Publication date: 01/07/2019
Price: $30.00
Format: Paperback

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