Two Worlds


Two Worlds

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‘Professor Salmond has written a remarkable book. Remarkable for its meticulous research, for its ability to grip the reader’s attention; but most of all, remarkable that no-one has done anything quite like it before in the exploration of New Zealand history.’-Naylor Hillary, The Press Two Worlds is Anne Salmond’s award-winning account of the first points of contact between Maori and European explorers. It is a provocative, penetrating examination of those dramatic first meetings, casting them in a completely new light – a work of trail-blazing significance.’The book as a whole, it must be said, is a stunningly comprehensive and polished work of scholarship that will be welcomed by academic and general readers. It is one of the most important volumes on Maori-Pakeha relations ever published and will provide a baseline from which future work in this area will be measured.’-Michael King, Metro

Title: Two Worlds
Author: Salmond, Anne
ISBN: 9780143772163
Publication date: 26/02/2018
Price: $60.00
Publisher: Penguin Group (NZ)
Format: Paperback