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Plans for the Newtoun community’s Waitangi Day celebrations are well under way: Monty and Pete `The Deadly Icedagger’ plan a wrestling demo. Dreadflock needs to upskill her braiding technique. Constable Rutene is planning the biggest kapa haka event in suburban memory. Sauerkraut Burgers are gearing up for fierce battle with Carnivores Rule. And that’s not the half of it . . .
In the boundary-riding tradition of the Annual project, Annual Ink’s latest title, #Tumeke, brings you the lives, loves and larrikan spirit of an inner-city neighbourhood. The story is told through texts, tweets, Instagram posts, emails, fliers, posters, newspapers, letters, local radio and . . . the library noticeboard.
Stuffed with story, big personalities, surprising friendships and intrigue, this multimedia narrative brims with creativity and comedy, and everyday heartaches, too. Debut novelist Michael Petherick juggles a large cast and multiple story threads with panache, giving us a window on a vivid, big-hearted community. This innovative novel is for middle readers – and the rest of their families, too. It’s a book for our times.

Title: #Tumeke
Author: Petherick, Michael
ISBN: 9780994141576
Publication date: 10/10/2019
Price: $30.00
Publisher: Massey University Press
Format: Paperback

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