The Year of the Locust


The Year of the Locust

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The hotly anticipated second novel from Terry Hayes, author of the internationally bestselling I am Pilgrim

If, like Kane, you’re a Denied Access Area spy for the CIA, then boundaries have no meaning. Your function is to go in, do whatever is required, and get out again – by whatever means necessary. You know when to run, when to hide – and when to shoot.

But some places don’t play by the rules. Some places are too dangerous, even for a man of Kane’s experience. The badlands where the borders of Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan meet are such a place – a place where violence is the only way to survive.

Kane travels there to exfiltrate a man with vital information for the safety of the West – but instead he meets an adversary who will take the world to the brink of extinction. A frightening, clever, vicious man with blood on his hands and vengeance in his heart.

The Year of the Locust is a voyage to a far-off land to see something no one has ever seen before. A mission to prevent the future happening. An encounter with true evil. And ultimately, a moment when Kane must make the decision to save his own life – or someone else’s.

Title: The Year of the Locust
Author: Hayes, Terry
ISBN: 9780593064979
Publication date: 10/11/2022
Price: $38.00
Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd
Format: Paperback

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