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The Prince

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Laid out in this book is the world’s most famous master plan for seizing and holding power. Astonishing in its candor THE PRINCE even today remains a disturbingly realistic and prophetic work on what it takes to be a prince, a king or a president. When, in 1512, Machiavelli was removed from his post in his beloved Florence, he resolved to set down a treatise on leadership that was practical, not idealistic. In THE PRINCE he envisioned would be unencumbered by ordinary ethical and moral values; his prince would be man and beast, fox and lion. Today, this small sixteenth-century masterpiece has become essential reading for every student of government, and is the ultimate book on power politics.

Title: The Prince
Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
ISBN: 9780143566465
Publication date: 29/08/2011
Price: $16.00
Publisher: Penguin Books, Limited

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