The Lost Girls


The Lost Girls

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Lost, she narrowly escaped disaster.
Beth is desperate to return to normality. After a five-year ordeal, her daughteris finally home. But Carmel has questions she can’t ignore about the cult thatkidnapped her, and about the preacher who gave her another girl’s name.

Found, she must survive a miracle.

Digging into her past, Carmel uncovers secrets which suggest that she wasn’tthe only lost girl – and which put her in danger all over again. While hermother struggles to salvage the safety they’ve only just found, Carmel triesto come to terms with who she has become. But she remains haunted by themystery at the heart of her disappearance as a child:

What happened to the other lost girls?

Title: The Lost Girls
Author: Hamer, Kate
ISBN: 9780571336715
Publication date: 16/02/2023
Price: $25.00
Publisher: ALLEN & UNWIN
Format: Paperback

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