The Ghosts on the Hill


The Ghosts on the Hill

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The year is 1884. The place is Lyttelton, a small and bustling harbour town. Elsie is waiting for the fish to bite. She has her reasons for coming down to the waterfront so often, the main one being the memory of the lost boys. She was one of the last to see them alive, and now she is haunted by what happened to them. When the opportunity comes for Elsie to follow in their footsteps over the Bridle Path and put their ghosts to rest, she doesn’t hesitate. ‘I’ll be careful,’ she says. But no one knows that the weather is about to change for the worse …

Title: The Ghosts on the Hill
Author: Nagelkerke, Bill
ISBN: 9780995123366
Publication date: 08/07/2020
Price: $22.00
Publisher: The Cuba Press
Format: Paperback
Illustrator: Macdonald, Theo

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Dimensions 185 × 120 mm