The Disappearance of Astrid Bricard


The Disappearance of Astrid Bricard

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‘Mystery, secrets, thwarted desire, romance and intrigue. I was hooked’ BELINDA ALEXANDRA

‘Leaves you feeling empowered . . . Fabulous settings, fashion, glamour and strong women . . . I couldn’t put it down’ TANIA BLANCHARD

History said she was just a man’s muse. History was wrong. The exquisite new novel from bestselling author Natasha Lester.

In November 1973, a fashion legend vanished, leaving behind only a white silk dress and the question: what really happened to Astrid Bricard?

Paris, 1917: Parentless sixteen-year-old Mizza Bricard makes a vow: to be remembered on her own terms. This promise drives her and her designs through the most exclusive couture houses in France until, finally, a legend is created – one that will endure for generations to come, but not the one she wanted.

New York, 1970: Designer Astrid Bricard arrives in bohemian Chelsea ready to change the fashion world. And she does – but cast in the role of muse to her lover, Hawk Jones. Just as Astrid’s star is finally poised to ascend in its own right, she mysteriously disappears, leaving her family in tatters and perpetuating the infamous Bricard family myth.

French Countryside, Present Day: Blythe Bricard is the daughter of fashion’s most infamous 70s power couple, but she turned her back on that world, and her passion for it, years ago. Fate, however, has other plans, and in a chateau over a whirlwind couple of weeks, Blythe will discover there is more to her iconic mother and grandmother – and herself – than she ever knew.

These three generations now have one chance to prove themselves. Can the women of the Bricard fashion dynasty finally rewrite their history?

Title: The Disappearance of Astrid Bricard
Author: Lester, Natasha
ISBN: 9780733647246
Publication date: 27/09/2023
Price: $38.00
Publisher: Hachette Australia
Format: Paperback

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