The Complete Sailing Manual


The Complete Sailing Manual

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The only sailing manual you will ever need, covering everything from sailing basics to making repairs and mastering navigation.

The undisputed market leader in sailing guides, this fully revised and updated sailing manual answers questions about any sailing situation – with thorough coverage of all aspects of sailing and boat ownership.

In DK’s The Complete Sailing Manual, former British national champion Steve Sleight offers a wealth of expert advice and guidance in the form of a complete tuition course on seamanship, which is brought to life with breathtaking action photography and clear instructions.

Fully revised, this new edition features all of the latest developments in sailing – including foiling, long-distance cruising, and high-speed apparent-wind sailing – and navigation, with technology such as modern performance systems and electronic navigation. It also highlights the latest rules, regulations, practices for every keen sailor, from the novice to expert.

Packed with essential information, handy diagrams, and step-by-step artwork, The Complete Sailing Manual is the ultimate sailing handbook to keep by your side when out on the waves.

Title: The Complete Sailing Manual
Author: Sleight, Steve
ISBN: 9780241446379
Publication date: 06/05/2021
Price: $48.00
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Format: Hardback

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