The Aircraft Book: The Definitive Visual History


The Aircraft Book: The Definitive Visual History

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Take an action-packed flight through the history of aircraft and the intrepid pioneers who made a dream become reality.Featuring more than 800 of the greatest commercial and military aircraft ever made, this visual celebration of aeroplanes and aviation traces the history of flight over the past century.With examples of the latest aircraft from around the world, The Aircraft Book takes you on an action-packed ride through to the 21st century, from the first prototypes to today’s supersonic jets. Explore stunning photographic galleries of planes, helicopters, and airships, each accompanied by its vital statistics. See inside legendary planes such as the Gipsy Moth, Spitfire, and Concorde, with virtual tours of each key model, from the exterior to the cockpit. Discover the details of aircraft engines from manufacturers such as Rolls-Royce and Rotax to see what powers a great aircraft’s performance. And find out how famous marques such as Boeing and Lockheed came to be household names.Aviation enthusiasts of all stripes and ages will be captivated by DK’s The Aircraft Book – a comprehensive and beautifully presented guide to the story of flight.

Title: The Aircraft Book: The Definitive Visual History
Author: DK
ISBN: 9780241446355
Publication date: 02/03/2021
Price: $65.00
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Format: Hardback

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