Skinny Dip: Poetry


Skinny Dip: Poetry

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A new school year: nits, crushes, maths lessons, and rainy-day lunchtimes. But what
happens when you send a bunch of poets to school? They loiter in corners and see
between the lines. They notice the school bus is missing, there are hungry piranhas
in the gym, that someone’s painted everything blue.
In Skinny Dip!, the makers of the best-selling Annuals bring you over thirty poems
for young readers from all the New Zealand writers we love: Sam Duckor-Jones,
essa may ranapiri, Bill Manhire, Anahera Gildea, Amy McDaid, Kotuku Nuttall, Ben
Brown, Ashleigh Young, Rata Gordon, Dinah Hawken, Oscar Upperton, Nina Mingya
Powles, James Brown, Victor Rodger, Tim Upperton, Lynley Edmeades, Freya Daly
Sadgrove, Renee Liang and Nick Ascroft.
Edited by two of New Zealand’s most astute and experienced champions of great
books for young readers, and with stylish illustrations by Amy van Luijk, this witty
collection gives young readers in years 7 to 10 and their teachers and whanau a
crash-course in the range of poetic forms while having a whole lot of reading fun.

Title: Skinny Dip: Poetry
Author: Paris, Susan & de Goldi, Kate
ISBN: 9780995140769
Publication date: 09/09/2021
Price: $30.00
Publisher: Massey University Press
Format: Paperback

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