Robin Hood 6: Bandits, Dirt Bikes & Trash


Robin Hood 6: Bandits, Dirt Bikes & Trash

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More outrageous and high-intensity action from teen rebel and social-media star Robin Hood and friends as they continue their campaign against the brutal and corrupt powers that be. The sixth episode in the latest bulls-eye hit series from the bestselling author of Cherub.

Robin is pleased to hear from his old school friend Alan Adele, not least because Alan’s father is Guy Gisborne’s top henchman. Now that Gisborne is in the running to be elected Sheriff of Nottingham, he needs to keep his criminal activities under wraps. So when Alan tips off Robin and the rebels at Sherwood Castle that Gisborne’s waste disposal business is costing its workers lives, the stakes become very high. Robin is soon literally digging the dirt on his arch enemy to finally bring him down in this latest high-octane adventure.

Title: Robin Hood 6: Bandits, Dirt Bikes & Trash
Author: Muchamore, Robert
ISBN: 9781471412820
Publication date: 09/03/2023
Price: $18.00
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Format: Paperback
Illustrator: Nentrup, Jeff

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Dimensions 198 × 129 mm