Nanny Mihi and the Bellbird


Nanny Mihi and the Bellbird

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Every school holidays the kids go and stay with their nanny in her house by the sea. One morning (for some reason) Nanny Mihi gets the kids up early and they sit on the porch whistling a song until the sun comes up. Then they find out why – a bellbird appears and joins in the song.
Whenever they come to stay after that, the bellbird is there to whistle the kids’ song. But in spring, there is no bellbird! What has happened?
Nanny Mihi and the Bellbird is a charming story about love for family and nature, released for school holidays – a special time for kids and grandparents (and for parents as well). Nanny Mihi is back!

Title: Nanny Mihi and the Bellbird
Author: Drewery, Melanie
ISBN: 9780947506360
Publication date: 10/07/2018
Price: $20.00
Illustrator: Duncan, Tracy

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