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Mermaid School

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Starting school is always exciting… especially when you’re a mermaid! From schools of fish to the A B Seas, this whimsical underwater tale puts a fun twist on what to expect on the first day of school.

It’s Molly’s first day at mermaid school, and there’s so much to learn! Follow the mermaids as they count clamshells, recite the A B Seas, and make new friends. They even enjoy story time about children who walk on land! At the end of the day, it’s time to sing the goodbye song and head home. With sweet, rhyming language and a peek into a fantastical undersea world, Mermaid School touches on all the major moments children will experience on their first day. And don’t miss the mermaid school handbook in the back of this book for more mermaid fun!

Title: Mermaid School
Author: Wetzel, Joanne Stewart
ISBN: 9780593480090
Publication date: 19/07/2022
Price: $18.00
Publisher: Random House USA Inc
Format: Paperback

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Dimensions 254 × 203 mm