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INSTANT! MAORI is a pocket-sized Maori-English phrase book packed with hundreds of practical and down-to-earth phrases – made easy. Using phonetics, it enables readers to speak correct Maori in seconds. The content includes the short and long version of what to say on a Marae, how to talk to your pets, appropriate phrases to say when at a hangi or in the pub, how to recite The Lord’s Prayer, how to introduce yourself and family in Maori and even verbal exit strategies when you’re surrounded by the Mongrel Mob. Each phrase or word is in three parts: The English, followed by the Maori and then the Instant! phonetics.

Title: Instant Maori
Author: Nick Theobald; Paul mm Walker
ISBN: 9780476006676
Publication date: 23/09/2004
Price: $15.00
Publisher: Writer & Writer

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