Independence Square: Arkady Renko in Ukraine


Independence Square: Arkady Renko in Ukraine

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‘The later Renko novels are stark, spare and beautiful, like trees in winter. Martin Cruz Smith does more on a page than most writers manage in a chapter. He is unique and irreplaceable’ MICK HERRON


Renko has been confined to a desk job by his superiors to keep him out of the way. Although he’s more disillusioned with policing and the general state of Russia than ever, he feels an odd sense of hope. A rebellion is bubbling in the country, with new values butting heads against old-school regimes. But Arkady has just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and the physical and psychological effects of the disease are taking their toll. This time, he must fight more than the impenetrable Russian regime to get answers – he will need to fight himself.


‘Smith was among the first of a new generation of writers who made thrillers literary’ Guardian

‘One of those writers that anyone who is serious about their craft views with respect bordering on awe’ Val McDermid

‘Martin Cruz Smith writes with an immediacy, depth and lightness of touch that is rare in its combination, and impossible to resist. With characters you know instantly and care deeply about – never more than now – he creates a world that is both brilliantly contemporary in its understanding of world politics, and timeless in its grasp of people and human nature. Independence Square is no exception, and further crystallises Cruz Smith as one of the finest writers of our age. I loved it’ Charlotte Philby

‘Arkady Renko, one of the most iconic detective creations of the last half century is back in another nail biting, hotly topical adventure, that once more cements Cruz-Smith’s place as the undisputed master of the political crime thriller’ Abir Mukherjee

‘Renko, never far from trouble, is enmeshed in the cesspit of Russian politics and corruption and Putin’s bellicose intentions toward Ukraine. Lured by his compulsion for the truth behind a disappearance and an assassination, Renko steps directly into the firing line. This is Renko’s most zeitgeisty investigation and definitely Cruz Smith’s most powerful and engaging novel since Gorky Park’ Paul Burke, CrimeTime FM

Title: Independence Square: Arkady Renko in Ukraine
Author: Smith, Martin Cruz
ISBN: 9781398510432
Publication date: 11/05/2023
Price: $38.00
Format: Paperback

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