Charles Dickens Playing Cards


Charles Dickens Playing Cards

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54-CARD DECK: A set of playing cards featuring illustrations of Dickens’ most famous characters. Features standard playing card suits, numbers and court cards

FUN, COLOURFUL ILLUSTRATIONS: Illustrator Barry Falls perfectly captures Dickens’ most memorable characters. Suits are themed on character traits, with hearts for the Heroines and Heroes and spades for the Villains and Revengers

BOOKLET INCLUDED: The accompanying booklet includes information about each character and an introduction to contemporary card games and their mentions in Dickens’ novels

EASY HANDLING: The cards will not crack or bend when shuffled or flexed. Neatly boxed, these cards are perfect for taking anywhere on the go

GIFTS: Charles Dickens Playing Cards make the perfect gift for any bookworm

Play cards with Oliver Twist and the Artful Dodger, keep your eye on Scrooge and Uriah Heep as ‘Ace’ Villains, and have a game of ‘Beggar My Neighbour’ with Pip and Estella. This playing card deck features 54 of Dickens’ most memorable characters and includes an introduction to Victorian card games in the accompanying booklet.

Title: Charles Dickens Playing Cards
Author: Mullan, John
ISBN: 9781399610070
Publication date: 07/09/2023
Price: $30.00
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
Illustrator: Falls, Barry

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