Broken Light


Broken Light

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A bold and timely novel from #1 bestselling author Joanne Harris that explores how women can feel invisible as they grow older – and what happens when they decide to take back control…

Have you ever felt invisible?

Bernie Moon has given her life to other people: her husband, her son, her friends (who are these days, mostly online). At nineteen she was full of dreams and ambitions; now almost fifty, and going through the menopause, she’s fading, fast. Heartbroken and hormonal, she often feels like she’s losing her mind.

But when a young woman is murdered in a local park, it sparks a series of childhood memories in Bernie and with them, a talent that has lain dormant most of her adult life.

She promised herself she’d never think of it again. When she was a teenager, it almost destroyed her. But now she’s older, could it be the power she’s been missing?

Could it be the chance to, finally, make them look?

Title: Broken Light
Author: Harris, Joanne
ISBN: 9781398710832
Publication date: 11/05/2023
Price: $38.00
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
Format: Paperback

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Dimensions 234 × 153 mm