The Trader’s Sister


The Trader’s Sister

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Ismay Deagan has one wish in the world – to leave Ireland and join her brother, Bram, in Australia. However, her father has other ideas and orders her to marry their vicious neighbour Rory Flynn, even though she loathes him. But after Rory brutally attacks her Ismay realises she has to escape. So, disguising herself as an impoverished young widow, she sets sail for Australia, hoping to be reunited with her brother. When she meets Adam Treagar on the ship, she finally starts to believe her dreams of future happiness may come true. But before they even reach their destination they are flung into adventures in Suez, Ceylon and Singapore …Can Ismay tell Adam the truth about who she really is? What secrets is Adam himself hiding? And will Ismay’s past catch up with her and threaten her new life in Australia, before it has even begun?

Title: The Trader’s Sister
Author: Jacobs, Anna
ISBN: 9781444711295
Publication date: 20/12/2012
Price: $28.00
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton General Div
Format: Paperback

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