The MahJong Player’s Companion


The MahJong Player’s Companion

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The essential companion for the dedicated Mah Jong player who also enjoys the social aspect of the game. Since the arrival on the market of Patricia Thompson and Betty Maloney’s two previous books, The Game of Mah Jong Illustrated and Improve Your Mah Jong, a wide range of hands from many parts of the world has been sent to them. In this player’s companion, the authors have put together a cross-filed reference guide where more than 120 hands, illustrated in color, can be quickly identified by following the flip-top headings on each page. A full synopsis of each hand is included. The extra hands give an international flavor to the book, adding new interest and challenges.

Title: The MahJong Player’s Companion
Author: Patricia A. Thompson; Betty Maloney
ISBN: 9780864178916
Publication date: 04/12/2000
Price: $23.00
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Australia

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