The Lock-Up: A Strafford and Quirke Mystery


The Lock-Up: A Strafford and Quirke Mystery

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1950s Dublin, in a lock-up garage in the city the body of a young woman is discovered, an apparent suicide. But pathologist Dr Quirke and Detective Inspector Strafford soon suspect foul play.

The victim’s sister, a newspaper reporter from London, returns to Dublin to join the two men in their quest to uncover the truth. But, as they explore her links to a wealthy German family in County Wicklow, and to investigative work she may have been doing in Israel, they are confronted with an ever-deepening mystery. With relations between the two men increasingly strained, and their investigation taking them back to the final days of the Second World War, can they join the pieces of a hidden puzzle?

Title: The Lock-Up: A Strafford and Quirke Mystery
Author: Banville, John
ISBN: 9780571370986
Publication date: 06/04/2023
Price: $37.00
Publisher: ALLEN & UNWIN
Format: Paperback

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