The Boy Who Slept Through Christmas


The Boy Who Slept Through Christmas

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‘Nearly as good as one of my books’ – David Walliams

Leo LOVES Christmas.
And this Christmas needs to be absolutely perfect, because it’s the first one without Mum. Only it all keeps going wrong! The fairylights are in a tangle, the Christmas cards aren’t finished and the Christmas cakes have all been destroyed!

Soon Leo decides he’s had enough – he makes a heartfelt wish that it would all GO AWAY.

Then Leo wakes up on Christmas morning – and it’s gone!! All of Christmas! But Leo isn’t going to let it get away that easily. With the help of his best friends, Prisha and Ifan, Leo sets out on a mission to undo his wish and get Christmas back.

Home Alone meets The Christmas Carol in a hilarious adventure with a big dollop of festive magic. Funny, sensitive and emotional in all the best ways -this warm and seasonal family story touches ever so gently on childhood grief but is wrapped up in a chaotic and heart-warming adventure.

Listen to over 20 original songs, written and recorded by Matt to accompany the story, bringing the joy of a musical to book form!

Title: The Boy Who Slept Through Christmas
Author: Lucas, Matt
ISBN: 9780008519926
Publication date: 01/08/2024
Price: $20.00
Format: Paperback

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