The Art of War: A Graphic Novel


The Art of War: A Graphic Novel

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An entertaining graphic adaptation of the oldest military treatise in the world and a masterpiece of Chinese literature. Hailed as the oldest philosophical discussion on military strategy, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War has been adapted as a graphic novel by award-winning illustrator Pete Katz. In this collectible thread-bound edition, the narrative focuses on a teacher instructing a pupil on the main points of Sun Tzu’s treatise, with vibrant battle scenes interspersed throughout. Issues such as planning, tactics, manoeuvring, and spying are illustrated with full-color scenes, so that readers may gain a greater understanding of principles from the fifth century BC that continue to influence generals, politicians and business leaders to this day.

Title: The Art of War: A Graphic Novel
Author: Katz, Mr. Pete
ISBN: 9780711268012
Publication date: 14/09/2021
Price: $33.00
Format: Hardback

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Dimensions 254 × 191 mm