Starla Jean


Starla Jean

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Introducing Starla Jean! She’s full of moxie, clever as a fox, and obsessed with catching a chicken she finds at the park.

When she first sees the scrawny bird wandering around, she just knows they’re destined for each other. Her dad says, \”If you can catch it, you can keep it,\” and Starla Jean is not one to back down from a challenge.

Printz Honor winner and National Book Award finalist Elana K. Arnold makes her chapter-book debut with this irresistible story of a girl and her chicken, superbly illustrated by A. N. Kang.

Title: Starla Jean
Author: Arnold, Elana K.
ISBN: 9781250820419
Publication date: 15/05/2023
Price: $20.00
Publisher: Palgrave USA
Format: Paperback
Illustrator: Kang, A. N.

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