Revolutionise Your Riding


Revolutionise Your Riding

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Learn how to ride with the ease and grace of a professional with this brilliant system of riding. This title includes a simple explanation of bio-mechanics will allow any rider to move as one with their horse. It gives the rider a gentle but powerful influence over their horse ensuring he co-operates rather than resists. This approach to riding requires less effort from the rider, is less stressful for the horse and reduces tension allowing easier training, increased trust and better performance. It presents the classical system in a clear and logical way ensuring beginners and the more experienced can pick up the techniques quickly and gain the benefits.

Title: Revolutionise Your Riding
Author: McBane, Susan
ISBN: 9780715327401
Publication date: 22/02/2008
Price: $25.00
Publisher: David & Charles
Format: Hardback

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