Ratbags 2: Midnight Mischief


Ratbags 2: Midnight Mischief

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The second book in the stupendously rat-tastic Ratbags series, from the award-winning, bestselling author and funnyman, Tim Harris.

When rule-loving, leaf-collecting, piano-playing Jigsaw was naughty for good, he dropped his ratbag friends in a bit of bother – he gave them a good reputation! This nightmare situation needs fixing, pronto, and Ripple and Onion are the best ratbags for the job. But while performing some ratty mayhem, they fall into Cracker the cat’s claws… Will their midnight mischief turn them into a midnight snack? Or will Jigsaw find a way to save them? Again!

Title: Ratbags 2: Midnight Mischief
Author: Harris, Tim
ISBN: 9780143777458
Publication date: 02/05/2023
Price: $18.00
Publisher: Penguin Random House Australia
Format: Paperback
Illustrator: Gordon, Shiloh

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