Practical Self Sufficiency


Practical Self Sufficiency

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Practical Self Sufficiency is a wonderfully useful and accessible book that contains something for absolutely everyone.
This fully updated guide, now in a paperback edition, offers clear step-by-step information in classic DK style and offers a greater focus on the issues surrounding sustainable living for people in urbanised parts of Australia. You will find practical advice on reducing your carbon footprint; growing and using your own fruit and vegetables; keeping chickens and other animals; community gardening, design options for energy saving and retrofitting, and doing more with less.
With authoritative advice, step-by-step guidance and fascinating illustrations, Practical Self Sufficiency will help you make simple changes that can have a major impact on your life and reduce your impact on the planet.

Title: Practical Self Sufficiency
Author: DK Australia
ISBN: 9780143796930
Publication date: 02/07/2019
Price: $48.00
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia
Format: Paperback