Oodles of Kittens (Fancy Nancy)


Oodles of Kittens (Fancy Nancy)

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Fancy Nancy returns in a purr-fect story about felines, canines, and making new four-legged friends! It’s raining cats and dogs, when all of a sudden… Nancy hears a strange sound coming from outside! Nancy and Bree decide to investigate, and what do they find? Lo and behold! It’s oodles of adorable kittens! (Oodles is fancy for a lot.)After finding some of the kittens good homes, Nancy and Bree each get to keep one for themselves. That’s until Nancy’s new kitten meets her posh pup, Frenchy. Will Nancy’s two pets ever get along? Will Nancy be able to love them both the same?The brand new book in the ever-so-fancy Fancy Nancy series, it’s perfect for fans of the Eloise, Olivia, and other Fancy Nancy books.

Title: Oodles of Kittens (Fancy Nancy)
Author: O’Connor, Jane
ISBN: 9780007560943
Publication date: 05/04/2018
Price: $20.00
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Format: Paperback
Illustrator: Preiss-Glasser, Robin

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