Emily Dickinson


Emily Dickinson

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Let your children discover the works of poet Emily Dickinson in \”Emily Dickinson.\”As the premier title in the Poetry for Kids series, \” Emily Dickinson\” introduces children to the works of poet Emily Dickinson. Poet, professor, and scholar Susan Snively has carefully chosen 35 poems of interest to children and their families. Each poem is beautifully illustrated by Christine Davenier and thoroughly explained by an expert. The gentle introduction, which is divided into sections by season of the year, includes commentary, definitions of important words, and a foreword.

Title: Emily Dickinson
Author: Dickinson, Emily
ISBN: 9781633221178
Publication date: 06/10/2016
Price: $22.00
Publisher: ALLEN & UNWIN
Format: Hardback
Illustrator: Davenier, Christine