Cricket Crazy


Cricket Crazy

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Tom Willard is a cricket-crazy eleven-year-old who lives in Wellington with solo dad, Dave, and Archie the dog.
He dreams of making the junior rep cricket squad and playing at the fabled Basin Reserve, but his prized cricket bat has disappeared and he’s got to face Menace Mitchell, \”the bowler from hell\”.
Just when Tom thinks things couldn’t get any worse, his dad’s dog-hating girlfriend moves in. But then he meets Izzy, a star all-rounder, and things start to look up – or do they?

Title: Cricket Crazy
Author: Bailey, Vivienne
ISBN: 9780995123373
Publication date: 15/03/2021
Price: $25.00
Publisher: The Cuba Press
Format: Paperback

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Dimensions 198 × 128 mm