Clive Cussler’s Condor’s Fury


Clive Cussler’s Condor’s Fury

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The new white-knuckled thriller in the NUMA series from the No. 1 Sunday Times bestselling Grand Master of Adventure, Clive Cussler

A distress call from a Caribbean freighter leads the NUMA crew to an eerie discovery. The captain lies face down in the bridge. Clutched beneath him – an empty shotgun.
Hidden in wait are his shipmates- paranoid, disoriented and ready to fight.
Could it be a mind-altering sickness? Or is something much more sinister?
The crew’s tale takes Kurt and Joe to a cadre of Cuban mercenaries, with a plot to use magnificent modern airships to hijack a nuclear submarine. As the mission moves from the seas to the skies, stopping them could be the NUMA crew’s toughest task yet…

Title: Clive Cussler’s Condor’s Fury
Author: Brown, Graham
ISBN: 9780241635421
Publication date: 14/09/2023
Price: $37.00
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Format: Paperback

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