Cat Kid Comic Club 4: from the Creator of Dog Man


Cat Kid Comic Club 4: from the Creator of Dog Man

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Excitement and imagination run wild as Naomi, Melvin, Poppy, Gilbert, Curly, and their siblings get back to making comics with originality and laughter. But wait-have they cleaned their rooms yet?! After their chores, the rambunctious group presents even more amazing mini-comics: a thrilling ride in Chubbs McSpiderbutt, an action-packed romp in Frogzilla, reflective haikus in In the Autumn Pond, a candy-coated mystery in Mallo Cop, and much, much, more. By working together, the baby frogs discover that small things can have a huge impact. In this innovative graphic novel series, award-winning author and illustrator Dav Pilkey employs a variety of techniques-including origami, acrylic paints, coloured pencils, photography, collage, gouache, watercolours, and more-to capture the creative and joyful spirit of collaboration. The variety of art styles, paired with Pilkey’s trademark storytelling and humour, inspires imagination and innovation for readers of all ages.

Title: Cat Kid Comic Club 4: from the Creator of Dog Man
Author: Pilkey, Dav
ISBN: 9781338846621
Publication date: 29/11/2022
Price: $22.00
Publisher: Scholastic US
Format: Hardback
Illustrator: Pilkey, Dav

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