Casting off: A Memoir: Volume 2


Casting off: A Memoir: Volume 2

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At the end of the first volume of Elspeth Sandys absorbing memoir, What Lies Beneath, an adult Elspeth has solved the riddle of her birth parents and begun to piece together the events of her early life and find her place in the world. Casting Off begins on the eve of Elspeths first marriage. She and her husband will soon depart New Zealand for England, joining a throng of Kiwis who chose to uproot themselves from their native land. New attachments will be formed: new loves – of people; of places – will take the place of the old. But the home country will continue to exercise a pull. Backgrounding the personal story in this deeply satisfying memoir is the story of the Thatcher years and the creeping virus of neo-liberalism, the sexual revolution of the sixties, the beguiling world of books — reading and writing – and theatre. Elspeth Sandys refreshing honesty and her skill as a writer of fiction and drama propel the reader through an absorbing life story that is equally a commentary on the meaning of memoir and the peculiarities of memory.

Title: Casting off: A Memoir: Volume 2
Author: Sandys, Elspeth
ISBN: 9780947522551
Publication date: 01/09/2017
Price: $35.00
Format: Paperback

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