Billy Brute Whose Teacher Was a Werewolf


Billy Brute Whose Teacher Was a Werewolf

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After Billy Brute burns down his old school – and gets away with it – his parents have to find him a new one. St Lemons say they’ll take him, but little does Billy know that St Lemons have a secret weapon: Enter Miss Wanda . . .

Her glasses are spectacular.
Her dress so prim and neat.
But what big eyes, and what big ears…
And what big hairy feet!

Perhaps Billy won’t get away with EVERYTHING after all.

With gloriously gothic illustrations from bestselling Chris Mould, and an alternative back-to-school message, this fabulously dark tale is perfect for parents looking for the picture book equivalent of Roald Dahl’s twisted tales.

Title: Billy Brute Whose Teacher Was a Werewolf
Author: Emeney, Issy
ISBN: 9781471187612
Publication date: 15/09/2022
Price: $20.00
Format: Paperback
Illustrator: Mould, Chris

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Dimensions 240 × 278 mm