Ancient Greece


Ancient Greece

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A picture-packed celebration of the ancient Greeks and how they transformed our world

Step back in time to an ancient world of mythical beasts, bow down to gods and goddesses, and take a trip to the first Olympics

Experience the glory of ancient Greece in this detailed introduction to one of the world’s founding nations. Meet a fierce minotaur, wage war with Alexander the Great, look inside a temple, and learn how the people of ancient Greece lived their lives. Find out about their religions, their hobbies, and their amazing impact on the rest of our history.

DK Eyewitness Ancient Greece is crammed full of fascinating information, statistics, and facts. Stunning photography, maps, paintings, and lots of artefacts will help you to learn what life was like at this time. Learn why Greek pottery is so famous, discover how children played, and take a look at what people wore.

Part of the best-selling DK Eyewitness series, which is now getting an exciting makeover, this popular title has been reinvigorated for the next generation of information-seekers and stay-at-home explorers, with a fresh new look, new photographs, updated information, and a new \”eyewitness\” feature – fascinating first-hand accounts from experts in the field.

Title: Ancient Greece
Author: DK
ISBN: 9780241617335
Publication date: 03/08/2023
Price: $26.00
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Format: Hardback

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