A Prey to Murder


A Prey to Murder

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The sight is a particularly horrible shock for George Palmer-Jones, ornithologist and amateur detective, as he was an old friend of the victim Eleanor Masefield. George and his wife Molly are staying at Eleanor’s family-run hotel, and whilst George believed Eleanor was a beautiful and charming widow, Molly has other ideas.

Is Molly a little jealous? Or was Eleanor more a black widow – a ruthless manipulator of all those caught in her far-reaching web? Can Molly prove it in time to prevent another death?

Title: A Prey to Murder
Author: Cleeves, Ann
ISBN: 9781035003471
Publication date: 13/04/2023
Price: $35.00
Publisher: MACMILLAN
Format: Paperback

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Dimensions 234 × 153 mm