10 Little Excavators


10 Little Excavators

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Fans of cars and trucks books such as Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site can count down from ten to one as they follow busy excavators during their working day.

10 little excavators wake up with the sun. Can’t wait to work-Vrooom! Now it’s time for fun.

With each page-turn of this sturdy, action-packed board book, young readers can count all the hard-working diggers from ten down to one. Along the way, they’ll learn all the things these mighty construction vehicles do-digging, clearing, smoothing, and smashing. With noisy words to read aloud on every page, this is a perfect board book for all little vehicle and construction fans.

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Title: 10 Little Excavators
Author: Bailey, Annie
ISBN: 9780593301357
Publication date: 01/02/2022
Price: $17.00
Publisher: Random House USA Inc
Format: Hardback

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Dimensions 178 × 178 mm